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Mecanismul financiar SEE 2009 - 2014

Spatiul Economic European (SEE) a fost creat in 1994, ca o zona de Liber Schimb intre Comunitatea Europeana (CE) si Asociatia Europeana a Liberului Schimb (AELS). SEE reuneste Statele Membre ale Uniunii Europene (UE) si 3 dintre Statele AELS (Norvegia, Islanda si Liechtenstein), intr-o piata interna bazata pe libera circulatie a marfurilor, persoanelor, serviciilor si capitalurilor.

In urma procesului de negociere ce a avut loc intre Romania si statele donatoare (Norvegia, Islanda si Liechtenstein) in perioada octombrie 2011 – ianuarie 2012, au fost concluzionate prevederile Memorandumului de Intelegere pentru Mecanismul Financiar SEE 2009-2014, document ce stabileste cadrul de cooperare si permite implementarea eficienta a asistentei financiare acordate.

Potrivit Memorandumul de Intelegere pentru Mecanismul Financiar SEE 2009-2014, incheiat intre 3 dintre statele donatoare AELS si Romania, una din ariile de program se adreseaza cercetarii stiintifice "Research within priority sectors". Responsabili pentru implementarea acestui program sunt Ministerul Educatiei Nationale (MEN), in calitate de Operator de program (PO) si Unitatea Executiva pentru Finantarea Invatamantului Superior a Cercetarii, Dezvoltarii si Inovarii (UEFISCDI), in calitate de Agentie de implementare (IA).

Obiectivul programului: stimularea cercetarii bazate pe cunoastere in Romania

Atingerea obiectivului acestui program se realizeaza prin finantarea proiectelor de cercetare-dezvoltare-inovare de tip Joint Research Projects - tip JRP.

Competitie 2013

The Research Council of Norway collaboration statement
"We thus would like to express that, we have been very positively impressed by the competence and professional efficiency which UEFISCDI has demonstrated in the preparation and publishing of the call, as well as in the evaluation process. Comparing the performance of UEFISCDI to the performance of other agencies in Europe, we have to stress the high level of expertise and ability to perform UEFISCDI has demonstrated in dealing with the RO14 programme. "

"It is crucial for the development of a competitive research sector that the administration of research funding is professionalised and closely interconnected with the European programmes and initiatives. Research funding and administration has evolved into a very specialised domain, and this needs to be reflected in each country's organisational set up. We have been impressed by the competence built up by UEFISCDI and sincerely hope that Romanian authorities will continue to uphold and develop this important asset in general"

Persoane de contact:

Monica Cruceru
Telefon: 021 - 308 05 61

Marius Mitroi
Telefon: 021 - 302 38 59




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