Collaborative Research Projects

The purpose of the Call for proposals is to provide funding through collaborative research projects that aim to enhance research - based knowledge development in Romania.
Pre-announcement Collaborative Research Projects (CRPs) - Norway Grants Call 2019

Call budget
Submitted projects
Financed projects
For the presentation of the call document, the guide of the applicant/evaluator and the instructions regarding the submission of project proposals within this competition, a public information event (Info Day) will be organised together with the Research Council of Norway, on 15th of October 2019, Lysaker (Abel1 room), Oslo. A live streaming will be also arranged for those who are not available for participanting at the event (details on RCN website).

Call document (pdf)

Annex 1 Funding application

Annex 1.1 - Project Application Form - Part A (pdf) 
The online form containing general information about the project, details of the Project Promoter and project partners, team member list, budget breakdown 

Annex 1.2 - Project Application Form - Part B (.doc) 
The form must be downloaded, filled in offline and converted to .pdf before uploading to the submission platform (

Annex 1.3 - Ethics issues table (.doc) - if applicable, the form must be downloaded, filled in offline and converted to .pdf before uploading to the submission platform, together with requested documents (

Annex 1.4 - State Aid Scheme (pdf) and Declarations/Statements
The declarations/statements must be  downloaded, filled in offline, signed and scanned in .pdf format before uploading to the submission platform (
PP public institutions have the obligation to make public the intention to establish a partnership with private entities (from Romania and Donor States) in order to implement a project funded by the EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms, except for accredited private higher education institutions (art.24, Gouverment Emergency Ordinance, No.34/2017). For the projects in this situation supporting documents for this purpose will be uploaded  in the dedicated section of the online submission platform (including printscreen with the published selection procedure accepted).

Annex 1.5 - VAT Declaration - each Project Promoter and project partner must declare if they reclaim or not the VAT from the national tax authorities in conformity with national tax regulation (.doc) - needed to be completed by all applicants (from RO and Donor States)

Other documents - needed to be completed only by Principal Investigator
The forms must be downloaded, filled in offline and converted to .pdf before uploading to the submission platform (
Useful document

Useful information
  • Deadline for submission of applications: 16th of December 2019 (4:00 PM Romanian time)
  • Submission platform is available at
  • The participation of enterprises in projects is done in compliance with the State Aid Scheme. Any inconsistencies existing in the application for financing regarding the application of the co-financing percentage, as well as the max. of 10% for the fundamental research, it is regulated at contracting, in case the project is accepted for funding.
Contact person(s):
Monica CRUCERU 90
Monica Cruceru
Call coordinator
+40 21 308 05 61
+40 21 311 59 92
AndreeaDimitriu 90
Andreea Dimitriu
Project officer
+40 21 302 38 52
+40 21 311 59 92
Mihaela CALIN 90
Mihaela Călin
Project officer
+40 21 302 38 51
+40 21 311 59 92
MihaelaManole 90
Mihaela Manole
State Aid Officer
+40 21 302 38 63
+40 21 311 59 92
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